What is the WCCAC & the FWCCAC?

Washoe County Child Advocacy Center

The Washoe County Child Advocacy Center (Washoe County CAC), which opened in 2014, is a coordinated response to child abuse cases.

Friends of Washoe County Child Advocacy Center

The Friends of Washoe County Child Advocacy Center is a non-profit support group for the WCCAC providing much needed funding so the WCCAC can continue helping children.

The Issues with the Child Abuse System

What used to happen when kids needed help for abuse and what the WCCAC fixes.

Why is this a problem?

Without a CAC, a child will likely tell their story of sexual or physical abuse over and over again to police, doctors, prosecutors, social workers, investigators, judges and many others.

He or she may have to talk about that traumatic experience in a police station, where they feel they may be in trouble; or, the child may be asked the wrong questions by a well-meaning adult who could ultimately end up hurting the criminal case against the abuser.

The Child Abuse System with WCCAC

At the WCCAC, Robin Talks to Specialists in a Safe Environment.

When police or child protective services believe a child is being abused, he or she is brought to the Washoe County CAC, a safe, child-friendly environment, by a caregiver or other safe adult.

The multi-disciplinary team interviews the child and asks the questions the correct way that does not re-traumatize the child.

The Washoe County CAC offers therapy and medical exams, along with courtroom preparation, victim advocacy and many other services.

Do You or Someone You Know Need the Washoe County Child Advocacy Center?

If this is an emergency please CALL 911

The Washoe County CAC is not available for direct appointments.

When a case is filed with the police or a social worker, they will determine whether or not it is in the child’s best interest to involve the Washoe County Child Advocacy Center.

We are a community-based multi-disciplinary team that responds to child abuse.

Our team consists of professionals from several agencies, including:​
  • Washoe County District
  • Attorney’s Office
  • Washoe County Sheriff’s Office
  • Reno Police Department
  • Sparks Police Department
  • Washoe County School District Police
  • University of Nevada
  • Police Department
  • Washoe County Department of Social Services
  • Child Advocacy Center Medical Unit
  • Child Advocacy Center Therapy Unit
  • Crisis Call Center

The Work WCCAC Does


Each year, roughly 400 children come to the Washoe County CAC for a forensic interview.


In 2016, CPS conducted 622 investigations through the use of multi-disciplinary team at the Washoe County CAC.


Since establishing the therapy program, the Washoe County CAC has helped more than 1,000 children deal with the effects of child abuse.


In 2016 alone, the Washoe County CAC conducted more than 1,000 medical examinations for children who have been victims of child abuse.

The support we provide the Washoe CAC is essential to continuing to help child abuse survivors get justice and start their healing process.

But we can’t do it without you…